How the 3d version of the ambiguous ring was created.

Omitting the spokes leaves two curves that look the fiqure-9 (A and B in the fiqure). In the right image I have moved the B curve (red) a little more than 1 mm to right (green curve B2). This has lengthened the rightmost panel and foreshortened the panel to its left. If it was really a 3d volume that would be the result of changing from left to right eye. Granted that the reverse has now happened to the leftmost panel, but then that is where the ambiguity lies.

— Abdollah Sadjadian

Abdollah intended this version for parallel eye viewing. The version on the 3d illusions page has been rotated 180° and seems to look best for cross-eyed viewing. But either version may be viewed either way, giving you twice the mind-bending result from the same picture. — DES.

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