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 FAQ Questions regarding Teacher Certification due to COVID-19:

  1. I am graduating/completing my program, but I have not completed my content area test for certification yet. Can I receive my certification without passing test scores?  No, this is a state requirement. PDE requires you to submit passing test scores before your certification is awarded by PDE.
  2. If I have not completed my content area tests, can I still submit my TIMS application after my degree is awarded?   Yes, you can submit your TIMS application without passing test scores. PDE will hold your application for one year.
  3. I am applying for a job and the application is requesting I submit a letter from LHU verifying the completion of my program.  How can I obtain this letter? This letter will be sent to all students who have completed all program requirements, have been officially awarded their BSED degree from LHU, have completed their TIMS application, and after recommendation to PDE is made.  If you are currently applying for jobs, it is recommended that you upload a copy of your Letter of Good Academic Standing and/or your transcript or degree audit to show your progress in the program.

Below please find the steps to apply for certification.

Teacher Certification Application Information

  • Following the completion of Lock Haven University’s teacher education program, candidates may apply to become certified to teach in Pennsylvania.
  • Teacher Certification Applications are completed online through TIMS.
  • In order to teach in a Pennsylvania public school, candidates must apply for a Pennsylvania Teacher Certificate through the PA Department of Education (PDE).  It is strongly recommended that program completers apply, although they may not be planning to seek a position immediately, or they may be planning to work in another state.  In current practice, if a person applies for PA certification sometime in the future, that person must meet the requirements in effect at that time.  New requirements could mean additional coursework, testing, and/or higher test scores to qualify for a certificate.
  • Please be sure to register for a TIMS account through PDE.
  • Creating a Keystone Account for TIMS Applicants
  • Do not apply for your Instructional I Teacher Certification until the day of or after your graduation
  • Once your application is correctly entered and submitted on the TIMS website and all teacher education program requirements are met, the Certification Officer will recommend that your application be processed by PDE. 
  • Once your application is fully approved by PDE, you will be able to print your certificate from your TIMS account.
  • Directions for registering in TIMS and creating a certification application can be downloaded here.
  • Abbreviated Guide / printable directions for registering in TIMS and creating a certification application can be downloaded here.

ACT 48 Information

ACT 48 Continuing Professional Education Questions

ACT 48 Reporting

Request for ACT 48 Credit

Level II Certification Information

Level I to Level II 

Additional Information for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)

Pennsylvania Department of Education Forms

Teaching Positions in Pennsylvania

We are currently offering online Act 48 courses through our third-party collaborations. Pre-approved Act 48 courses can be found under the Ed2Go category of Teacher Professional DevelopmentIn order to receive Act 48 hours for any a non-credit course or to check if your course qualifies for Act 48, please contact before registering.

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Office of Teacher Certification

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