Billing and Payment Information

General Information

The Student Accounts Office generates and issues bills to students for each term they are enrolled at Lock Haven University. Bills include charges for tuition and fees, housing, and meal plans. Tuition and fees are required for all credits earned, including internships, courses held abroad, and self-study credits. These mandatory fees are required to support academic and ancillary functions, the University, and our students.
Bills are generated and mailed to the student’s home address on file with the University. International student’s bills are emailed to their LHU email address as well as provided to the Institute for International Studies. Bills are generated and mailed on a monthly basis after the beginning of the semester.

Each summer session is billed separately. Therefore, a student registered for each summer session would receive three bills. Although new bills will be sent for each session, please note that any remaining balance from the first summer session will be reflected on a subsequent summer session bill.

Winter Intersession courses are web-based courses. Therefore, there are no housing or meal plans offered during this time. Bills will be mailed to the student’s home address at the beginning of December for any registered students.
Winter Intersession is a separate from the Fall / Spring semesters and therefore billed separately. For that reason, the credit hours cannot be combined with either the Fall or Spring semesters to determine tuition and fee charges.

How To View Your Bill 

Students can view their bill in real time by logging into the myHaven portal.  After logging in, click on the "Student Accounts" tab at the top of the page then click on "My Student Account" on the left side menu bar then click on "My Account Info".  Students can then view their "My Account Info" or generate their "Course and Fee Statement". 

Students can also request a statement of their account activity by visiting the Student Accounts Office in 224A Ulmer. 

It is the student's responsibility to check their student account on a regular basis as changes to their course registration, financial aid package, or housing and meal plan choices can affect their student bill.

Due Dates 

Payment is expected to be received by the due date printed on the bill. Please note that if your bill states “Due Upon Receipt”, this means that the bill is currently due and should be paid immediately. Charges for any changes made after the semester begins are due immediately. The due date for each Semester is the first day of classes.
Because students are able to view their bill in real time through the myHaven portal, the failure to receive a bill in the mail does not negate the obligation to pay, nor does it extend the due date.

Monthly Payment Plan (Semester Billing Only)

Lock Haven University has partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce to offer our students the option to set up a monthly payment plan. Students have the option to set up this payment plan for Spring and Fall semester’s at LHU.

Once enrolled in your payment plan, participants will receive a student bill which will include the total payment plan amount deducted from your total charges. Any balance due indicates that your payment plan is under budget. The student will need to increase their budget with Nelnet or pay LHU the outstanding balance due. Any credit balance (negative amount) due indicates your account is over budget. In this case, you can lower your monthly payment plan or receive a refund from Lock Haven University once the payment plan is paid in full.

To set up your payment plan, or if you have questions regarding your budget, please contact Nelnet by calling 1-800-609-8056 or by visiting the website.

Please note that the monthly payment plan option is only available during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Paying Your Student Bill

Students can send their check or money order to the Student Accounts Office by using the enclosed envelope provided with the student bill. Please include the bill stub with your payment to ensure accurate processing.
Please send payment along with any other correspondence (including scholarship information) to the following address:

Student Accounts Office
224A Ulmer
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Students are also able to pay their student bill online via the myHaven portal.  Acceptable methods of online payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and electronic check (eCheck).  Please note there is a convenience fee for any credit card payments made.  The fee is based on a percentage of the amount of payment being made and will be disclosed prior to payment submission.  There are no fees associated with the eCheck option.  For additional information regarding online payments, please visit our "Online Payment Information" section.

Cash Payments Guidelines -To comply with IRS Regulations passed by Congress that require certain cash transactions be reported to the IRS in an effort to trace money from drug dealers, smugglers, and terrorists, who often use large cash payments to "launder'' money from illegal activities, evade taxes, and participate in other criminal activities. IRS Publication 1544 refers to the Reporting of Cash Payments of Over $10,000. To do this, the IRS requires Form 8300 be completed when cash payments total $10,000 or more in one year (12-month period).

Financial Holds – Financial holds disallow the processing of transcripts and / or diplomas as well as any registration changes for the subsequent semesters. It is University policy to place a financial hold on any student account with a balance due past the specified date. This hold will not be lifted until the student account is paid in full.
Late Fees – A $75 late fee is added to the student account for each session that is past due. If a student feels they should not have been charged the late fee, there is a Late Fee Appeal Policy.  Please refer to the Students Accounts Office Policies for information regarding policies.

Delinquent Accounts

Statements of the student’s account are sent on a monthly basis. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a bill and to satisfy the balance on the account. Students can obtain a copy of their bill through the myHaven portal, or by contacting the Student Accounts Office.
Students who have unpaid student bills after the semester/session ends will be placed into collections with possible reporting to the credit bureau. 

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