Request to Resume Studies at LHU

  The Request to Resume Studies form is to be used by students who previously attended LHU as a degree seeking or non-degree seeking student and have missed at lease one semester (fall or spring) of attendance and want to return for additional courswork or by students who have graduated from LHU and want to return to complete additional coursework or another undergraduate degree program.

Your request to resume studying will be reviewed by the Registrar's Office for academic eligibility to continue enrollment at Lock Haven University.


Students who plan to continue enrollment in a different major than previously declared, or who are returning for a second degree, must complete the Change of Major form available on myHaven, Registrar tab under "Forms" (


Approval of a request to resume studies through the Registrar's Office neither implies nor guarantees the receipt of financial aid or the ability to enroll.  Non-degree students, including certificate-only programs, ARE NOT eligible for state and federal financial aid. 

A student's previous academic and financial history can affect the ability to receive financial aid.  Any current or prior unpaid or delinquent account balances will hinder a student's ability to re-enroll. It is highly recommended that all students who wish to resume their studies contact the Financial Aid Office prior to submitting this application to review financial aid eligibility. (Ulmer Hall 224; 570-484-2424)

Note: Students who are returning from a period of suspension may require financial counseling.  Please check email and US postal service mail for important information. For financial aid questions, phone Financial Aid at 570-484-2424 (Ulmer Hall 224).


This form must be submitted to the Registrar's Offie by noon on the Friday before classes begin for your requested semester/session.  Forms received after this time will not be processed.


Unmet financial obligations prevent registration; contact Student Accounts (Ulmer Hall 224, 570-484-2425).


Students must be aware of academic policies in place at the time of return. This includes, but is not limited to:

** Academic requirements for the major and general education;
** Graduation residency requirements;
** Repeat policies; and,
** Warning/Probation/Suspension/Dismissal.

Students returning after a period of probation, suspension, or academic dismissal (under academic amnesty) will return on probation.

Students returning after a period of academic dismissal must provide proof of productive activities during the absence. This may include, but is not limited to, taking college courses.  An explanation of the student's productive activities must be attached to this request; the Registrar's Office will review the explanation to determine appropriateness. 

For those who took college classes, an unofficial transcript must be submitted (as an attachment) with the request.  Simply taking college classes is not automatic approval to return.  In addition, if approved to return, an official transcript must be sent to the Registrar's Office for credit evaluation.


1. Student -- Completes the information below AND submits the Change of Major form if returning for a different major or for a second degree
2. Registrar's Office -- Reviews the request and student's academic file
3. Registrar's Office -- Sends information to the student regarding the request; if approved, the information includes registration information.
4. Student -- If approved to return, register for classes via myHaven.  For scheduling advice, contact academic advisor.


Registrar's Office: 570-484-2006
Financial Aid: 570-484-2424
Student Accounts: 570-484-2425
University Directory Information:

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