Perks of the Global Honors Program

Honors House


No, Honors students don't actually live in the Honors House, but it is our home away from home on campus. It comes complete with a computer lab, wireless internet, comfortable couches, conference rooms, a game room, a projector screen with multi-media equipment, and the Honors Lounge complete with an HDTV and Blu-Ray player. It is also the central location to find any of the staff members: the Director, Secretary, or Student Associate Directors.

More than what is inside, though, is what the house represents. Honors is all about community, and the House is where it all happens. When it's nice outside, we play games and have picnics on the front porch and lawn. We hold all of our group meetings here. There is always someone to see or something going on, and it's the perfect place to get away from the dorms.

Long-Lasting Friendships


If you ask any of our Alumni or current students, most will probably tell you that the best part about being in Honors is the community it provides. So many of our students met their very best college friends on their first day at the university in their Freshmen Development Groups (FDG). We pride ourselves on being a team and a support network, and that becomes evident within your first week. 


There are roughly 1500 freshmen who will be moving into campus the Saturday before classes start. That's 1499 other cars that you have to worry about (provided each person only packs one vehicle, and that tends to not be the case)! But guess what? You won't have to worry about that. Honors students move in on the Friday before classes begin! They only compete for parking spots with 89 other families spread out across campus. That makes a HUGE difference. On top of that, upperclassmen will move all of your stuff. Unless you feel like being generous, you don't have to lift a finger. We give you time to move in, and then we get started right away introducing you to campus, town and other Honors students. By the time Monday comes and you are entering your first class, not only will you know where to find it, you already might know some people in it. 


Sometimes scheduling classes can be a mad scramble to get what you want, especially for freshmen who schedule last. Not if you're in Honors. You will schedule a day ahead of other students in your class. Honors students get first choice when registering for classes and can create the schedule that works best for them.  This is major for those type A personalities who pile academics, campus activities and fun clubs onto their schedules. 


What could be better than coming to college? Coming to college and having someone give you money! Honors offers incoming freshmen up to a $1,500 scholarship, and students don't even have to apply for them. The staff and Honors committee will decide who should receive the awards based on applications. Plus, the four upperclassmen (sophomore, junior, senior) with the highest GPA will receive a $1,000 scholarship for the academic year.

Small Class 


While most of the classes at LHU are small in size with no more than 40 students, sometimes General Education (Gen Ed) classes can have some large numbers. Honors students take Honors designated Gen Ed courses that are capped at 20 students. This makes for much greater discussion and a better opportunity to get to know the professors. 



Since the program is almost completely student-led, there are a ton of opportunities to improve the skills that employers and graduate schools are looking for the most. The GHP offers leadership training and a variety of speakers and discussions to help in the areas of leadership, fellowship and communication. It is some of the best hands on training you could receive at college and the reason our program has stood out in the nation for its innovation in involving students. 

global honors with distinction

Going abroad at any point of your college career is strongly encouraged by the Global Honors Program. As part of our global-focus, we encourage our students to complete an international experience and earn the credentials, Global Honors with Distinction. There are several opportunities available through LHU to study abroad on both a short-term and long-term basis.


The Global Honors Program participates in conferences led by the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Northeast Regional Honors Council. Each year we send students who present their work at these conferences. Past national conferences have been in San Antonio, Texas, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado. Past regional conferences have been in Annapolis, MD, Portland, Maine, Harrisburg, PA, and Baltimore, MD. Conferences are a great way to practice presentation skills and explore a new city, and definitely a lot of fun!

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