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Here at Lock Haven, the usual perception of an Honors Program is completely redefined by the unique foundations from which our program was built. We offer our students an excellent academic program along with an extra-curricular aspect that drives our program to the next level. We strive to create a comforting environment within the program that allows for a family-like atmosphere. This is accomplished through another rare characteristic in our program, the student leadership. For the most part, this Global Honors Program is run by students for students in various leadership roles. Do you have any questions about the GHP? Well, you're in luck! Everything an Honors student may need can be found somewhere on this website.

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If you have any questions, contact Jack Doyle at


My name is Kera Cussins, and I am the Student Associate Director for Program Development and Leadership for the Global Honors Program. I am a Health Science major with a concentration in Pre-Physician Assistant Studies. I have a minor in Psychology and am working towards a minor in Community and Public Health Education. My goal is to become a Physician Assistant, specializing in geriatrics. I work in a local nursing home during breaks, and I absolutely love the patients.

Being honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join an honors program in college. While I had done extremely well in high school, I was confident that I would succeed in colligate level honors courses. My mother convinced me to at least apply. I am forever grateful that she pushed me to do so. I can’t imagine how my life would be without the program. It is so much more than academics. I have found amazing connections in the form of friends, professors, acquaintances, mentors, and mentees. The Global Honors Program hosts many events, both social and academic, that allows you to interact with students and professors from different majors and backgrounds. I always found it comforting to walk into a course outside my major and see at least one familiar face. The honors courses themselves have a whole other energy. Before the class begins, everyone is talking to each other; often times the whole class is having one big conversation.

The Global Honors Program presents many opportunities to take advantage of different leadership opportunities. You can read about them in the “Student Leaders” section of this website. No matter how far along in your undergraduate program you are, there is a committee you can join. Our program is widely student run, which helps us modify the program to stay fun. I highly encourage you to explore our website at and email us at with any questions or for more information.

I am so glad I joined the Global Honors Program, and I think you would feel the same way!

Kera Cussins
Program Development & Leadership
Global Honors Program
Lock Haven University

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“Rebuilding Trust in an Advancing World: Character, Ethics, and Integrity

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