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Our global honors program is one-of-a-kind due to our established academic curriculum, strong focus on community building and student leadership, and the supplementary educational opportunities offered. By joining our program, you will be a member of a high achieving and enriching academic program. You will also have the opportunity to become a student leader, compete for academic scholarships, establish professional and personal relationships with professors, practice global awareness and citizenship, present at regional and national honors conferences, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Elizabeth Gruber
Program Director
Elizabeth Gruber, Ph.D.
411 Raub Hall, Lock Haven University
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At Lock Haven University, the Global Honors Program leads the way in melding academic excellence with robust commitments to civic and community service.  In this way, faculty and students jointly realize the best ideals of higher education: rigorous intellectual work and a dedication to the productive exchange of ideas.  Honors students have the opportunity to take small, seminar-style classes, often focused on topics that are of global significance.  Our students excel in the classroom, and their passion for learning energizes the entire campus community.  We encourage students to present their work at national and regional conferences, so that even as undergraduates they begin to make an impact on their chosen professions or fields.  Perhaps best of all, our philosophy of engaged learning enables students in the Global Honors Program to activate the true potential of scholarly pursuits, so that they are called upon to transform lived experience.

The notable achievements of our Honors students are recognized and rewarded in diverse ways.  Each year, students in the program have the opportunity to compete for academic scholarships.  Typically, the top students in each class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) are awarded scholarship monies.  In addition to promoting our students’ academic endeavors and successes, we give them abundant opportunities to develop crucial leadership skills.  Indeed, an emphasis on student leadership is a hallmark of our Global Honors Program.  Our Student Associate Directors, Freshmen Development Group Leaders, and other coordinators play crucial roles in designing programming, mentoring students, and generally contributing to the day-to-day workings of our program.  The hands-on role accorded students has generated a palpable sense of ownership and community among them.  Accordingly, many Honors students note that this program anchors their college experiences, and it helps them to establish friendships and networks of support that will last a lifetime. 

As a Global Honors Program, we are committed to the development of global awareness, a truly comprehensive knowledge base that best equips students to live fulfilling and successful personal and professional lives.  The global emphasis is realized throughout the curriculum, as it shapes the content and design of many of our courses.  Similarly, many of the independently-designed research projects completed by our students have a global component, as do numerous academic events or activities sponsored by Honors.  And finally, we encourage students to study-abroad or gain other international experiences.  We have had students complete teaching practicums in overseas institutions, or engage in service-learning projects in diverse international settings.  Likewise, we encourage qualified international students studying at Lock Haven University to contribute to the Global Honors Program.  In short, our program’s emphasis on global awareness ensures that graduates have the personal skills and professional tools required for meaningful participation in an increasingly globalized world.

The collective efforts of students and faculty who contribute to the Global Honors Program activate the tenets of our motto: “Expand Knowledge, Establish Leaders, Emphasize Community, and Enrich Global Understanding.”  I hope the promise of this motto intrigues you, and that you will peruse our website to learn more about the rich opportunities offered by the Global Honors Program. 

For additional information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Gruber, Director of the Global Honors Program at

Dr. Gruber ImageDr. Gruber: 2020 Honors Professional of the Year

The Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC) recently selected Dr. Elizabeth Gruber, professor of English and director of the Global Honors Program at Lock Haven University, as a 2020 Honors Professional of the Year. She is the second winner in the administrator category.

Colleagues or students can nominate candidates for the award, which typically is presented to winners annually during a spring regional honors conference. This year, award winners were recognized during the NRHC regional business Zoom meeting held in June. Gruber said winning the award was especially gratifying since her nomination was submitted by a student.

“Dr. Gruber serves as a notable example to all at Lock haven University, because she truly wants each and every member of our program to succeed, just as she has in her career,” LHU student Haleigh Swam, wrote in her nomination. “Beyond Dr. Gruber’s dedication to our program, her overall charisma is what captures current members and new members to join. She seeks an innovative path, which has given light to creative service projects, academic endeavors and countless new relationships.”

According to the council’s website, “To qualify for this recognition, the honors professional must continually demonstrate a dedication to honors education at his/her honors program/college. This individual is passionate about honors, an advocate for students and embodies the values of his/her honors program/college.”

The NRHC is an organization of students, faculty and administrators dedicated to the encouragement and support of undergraduate honors learning.

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