Health Science Professional Field Experience

As a Health Science major you are required to complete a professional field experience that serves as a culminating experience linking your academic preparedness to an experience that matches your career goals and aspirations.  The following guidelines will assist you in preparing for this critical step in your education.

State Authorization for Distance Education and Field Experiences


You must be a Health Science Major to enroll in HLTH485.

  • Minimum grade point average:  To participate in HLTH 485 - Professional Field Experience in Health Science you must have earned an overall minimum grade point average of 2.5 and a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in your core courses.  Exceptions will only be made if you and your advisor formally request an exception that will be considered by the Health Science faculty.
  • Minimum course requirements:  To enter the professional field it is important that you are able to discuss basic concepts in your field of study.   Your site supervisor will grade you on your ability to ask intelligent and informed questions as well as your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biology and more.
  • Resume and Cover Letter: Click on the following links for a sample:

The following tracks do require specific courses prior to entering the field:

Community Health
HLTH 204 Foundations of School & Community Health
HLTH200 Introduction to Disease
HLTH350 Program Planning
HLTH402 Evaluation in Health Education & Promotion Programs
HLTH410 Community Health Organization Management

ALL other tracks
HLTH128, 129, 130, & 131 Anatomy and Physiology I & II
HLTH200 Introduction to Disease

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