Reading Courses



READ204 Primary Reading
[Minimum Semester Hours: 3 sh; Maximum Semester Hours: 3sh ]
Emphasis will be placed upon the psychological, linguistic, and physical development of children and their language, and the relationship of reading to that development. Topics such as phonics, linguistics, basic sight and personal sight vocabularies, readability, and informal assessment of reading performance will be studied in detail through the use of appropriate modules.

Prerequisite: ( PSYC102 ) OR ( PSYC103 ) OR ( PSYC111 )

Corequisite:   None

 READ300 Intermediate Level Reading

[Minimum Semester Hours: 3 sh; Maximum Semester Hours: 3 sh]

Emphasis will be placed on how to meet the needs of intermediate level readers, grades 3 through 6. A distinction is made between learning to read, which typically occurs in the primary grades, and reading to learn and enjoy, which occurs thereafter. Building upon competencies developed in READ204, the prerequisite course in which learning to read is explored, students in the Intermediate Reading course will examine methods used to support reading to learn and enjoy by developing a comprehensive understanding of methods for scaffolding the development of metacognitive strategies that support reading comprehension across the curriculum. Students will examine the research that underlies a strategic reading program; discover how to organize the classroom for effective scheduling, student grouping, behavior management, and optimal reading structure; learn effective assessment techniques; discover methods and resources for matching readers and books; and develop an understanding of methods used to address the specific needs of struggling intermediate level readers.

Prerequisite: EDUC202 AND EDUC204 AND READ204

Corequisite:   None




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