Celebration of Scholarship


Celebration of Scholarship - Wednesday, April 22, 2020 (Use Friday Class Schedule)

Lock Haven University is proud to announce its fourteenth annual Celebration of Scholarship. The Celebration of Scholarship showcases academic research and artistic accomplishments by the University's students and faculty. In particular, the Celebration demonstrates the results of the University's commitment to hands-on learning and student engagement in both academic and professional contexts.

The University's Celebration of Scholarship features an impressive number presentations from dozens of faculty and hundreds of students.  These include:

  • Presentations of academic and professional research.
  • Performances in music, dance, theatre, poetry, and speech.
  • Exhibits of painting, drawing, sculpture, and animation.

What are the categories of events?

  • Performances in music, dance, theatre, poetry, and speech                  
  • Exhibits of paintings, drawings, and sculptures                  
  • Scholarship by discipline presentations and posters by students and faculty                  
  • Classroom presentations of individual and group projects                  
  • Reports on independent studies and internship activities                  
  • Scholarship of teaching presentations and posters by students and faculty                  
  • Phi Kappa Phi Spring Student Symposium                   

Who is eligible to participate in the Celebration of Scholarship?

All undergraduate students, graduate, and faculty are eligible to participate. Students are encouraged to perform, exhibit, and present on creative and scholarly activities. Faculty are encouraged to share classroom activities, performances, and presentations of work in the discipline or in the scholarship of teaching.               

Why should students attend the Celebration of Scholarship?

Students should attend to support their peers and expand their view of creative and scholarly activities that are taking place at the university. Attendance helps create a culture of scholarship and stimulates inquiry.               

What are the rewards for participation?

The rewards for attendance and participation include: acknowledgment of your contribution by the University community, scholastic recognition by your peers, and the development of community through participation.


Celebration of Shcolarship Coordinator

Enrique Herrera
420 Raub Hall
(570) 484-2088



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