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Financial Assistance Information

Financial Aid

LHU participates in federal, state, local, private, and institutional financial assistance programs for students. This information can be found on LHU's Types of Financial Aid and Scholarship pages.
Questions regarding these programs may be directed to:

Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or admissions@lockhaven.eduDirect

Direct Student Loans

Before borrowing Title IV loans, students and parents should review the  terms and conditions of Direct Stafford and Direct Parent Plus loans.
Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Procedures and Forms

Students should be aware of the procedures and forms used in applying for financial aid. Students need to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to receive federal student aid. LHU has established terms and conditions used in selecting recipients from a group of eligible students and in determining award amounts. Scholarship criteria can vary based on the individual scholarship.

Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

Rights and Responsibilities

Students have various rights and responsibilities with regard to receiving financial assistance.

Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Additional Financial Aid Information

If students need additional information on financial assistance or institutional issues, they should contact the Financial Aid or Enrollment Management Office.

Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or
Enrollment Management Office - 570-484-2087 or

Disclosure of Information

LHU students and parents should be aware that if they enter into an agreement regarding a Title IV, HEA loan that information will be disclosed to NSLDS and will be accessible by authorized agencies, lenders, and other post-secondary educational institutions.
Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Institutional Information

Obtain a GED

Since LHU admits students who have obtained a GED, the school is required to have a procedure for informing students who do not have the equivalency of a high school diploma, where they can get information on how and where to obtain a GED. The school catalog contains information on how students can obtain a GED.

Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

Cost Information

Students can obtain information on the cost of attendance (estimated tuition, fees, room and board) by viewing the cost information online.

Student Accounts Office - 570-484-2425 or 

Institutional Refund Policy 

In the event a student needs to withdraw, the student should be aware of LHU's institutional refund policy.

Student Accounts Office - 570-484-2425 or

Requirements and Procedures for Officially Withdrawing

Before withdrawing from LHU, students should review and understand the requirements and procedures for officially withdrawing.  This information can be found in the LHU Catalog.

Center for Excellence and Inclusion- 570-484-2598 or 

Federal Student Aid Refund Policy

LHU's federal student aid refund policy provides students with a summary of requirements related to the return of Title IV (federal grants and loans) funds.  The federal student aid refund policy can be located on page 19 in the LHU Catalog.

Student Accounts Office- 570-484-2425 or 

Programs and Faculty

Students can locate academic program information (current degree programs; instructional, lab, or other physical facilities which relate to the program(s)) on LHU's undergraduate and graduate degree programs online. A directory of faculty and instructional personnel can be located online.
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or
Registrar's Office - 570-484-2006 or

Accreditation at LHU

LHU is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. LHU also has various program specific accreditations.
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

Disability Services

LHU has a disability services office aimed at providing services and facilities for students with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities.
Office of Disability Services - 570-484-2454  or 

Study Abroad Program

LHU's financial aid webpage states that a student’s enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home institution may be considered enrollment at the home institution for the purpose of applying for Title IV assistance.

Institute for International Studies Office - Rosana Campbell, Director - 570-484-2723 or

Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Net Price Calculator

Undergraduate students can obtain estimated cost and grant information by taking a few minutes and answering some general questions using the Net Price Calculator.
Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Transfer of Credit

LHU students can obtain transfer of credit information online. Information on articulation agreements can also be found online.
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

Copyright Policy

Faculty, staff, students, and volunteers can review LHU's policies and sanctions with regard to copyright infringement.
Stevenson Library - 570-484-2309
Clearfield Campus Library - 814-768-3410 or

Textbook Information

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price information for all required and recommended textbooks and supplemental materials can be located online.  The site will allow students to comparison shop.
Bookstore (Main Campus) - 570-484-2750
Bookstore (Clearfield Campus) - 814-768-3408

Registering to Vote

LHU students can obtain information on registering to vote.  Students can also download and complete a Pennsylvania voter registration form.
Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Constitution Day

Post-secondary educational institutions participating in Title IV aid programs must celebrate Constitution Day annually. Information on LHU's Constitution Day festivities is posted online in late August or early September.
Enrollment Management Office - 570-484-2087 or

Articulation and Letters of Agreement

LHU is required to disclose information to prospective and enrolled students on any blanket written arrangements the school has entered into with non-degree/certificate granting institutions.  LHU's articulation and letters of agreement can be viewed online.
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

LHU's Student Body

Certain information regarding LHU's student body is required to be disclosed. The percentage of enrolled, full-time students who are male, female, self-identified members of a major racial or ethnic group can be located online. Information on Federal Pell Grant recipients is also disclosed.
Institutional Research - 570-484-2525 or

Students Selected for Verification

The financial aid office has information online regarding students who are selected for verification. The information includes required documents, student's responsibilities, and the school's notification process with regard to award changes as a result of verification being completed.
Financial Aid Office - 570-484-2424 or

Licensure Pass Rate

Compliance details for licensure and accreditation status of professional programs is available for programs requiring certification exams.

Health and Safety


Students can obtain online information regarding vaccinations.
Student Health Services - 570-484-2276 or

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

LHU is required to disclose information on drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs. Information to be disclosed includes penalties associated with drug or alcohol related offenses
Public Safety - Glennon Building - 570-484-2278

Campus Crime

LHU is required to meet campus crime reporting standards as set forth by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The report, which can be viewed online, includes information on crime statistics, timely warning and emergency notification, daily crime log, emergency response/evacuation and missing person notifications.
Public Safety - Glennon Building - 570-484-2278

Fire Safety Reports

Since LHU has on-campus student housing, the school is required to disclose fire safety reports.  This information can be located online.
Public Safety - Glennon Building - 570-484-2278

Institutional Outcomes

LHU's Retention and Graduation Rates

In compliance with the Student Right-To-Know Act,  LHU's retention rates and graduation rates can be viewed online. 
Institutional Research - 570-484-2525 or

Graduation Rates for Student Athletes

Since LHU participates in NCAA Division II (with football) athletics and provides athletic-based financial assistance to prospective and current students, LHU is required to disclose graduation rates for student athletes and academic success rates.
Lock Haven Department of Athletics - Thomas Fieldhouse - 570-484-2102

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA), LHU is required to report on athletic program participation rates and financial support.
Lock Haven Department of Athletics - Thomas Fieldhouse - 570-484-2102



On an annual basis, LHU is required to provide current students with a notice of the availability of information with regard to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. LHU students can also obtain the FERPA information online.
Registrar's Office - 570-484-2006 or


LHU, its representatives, and related parties will not provide prospective and current students with false, erroneous, or misleading information regarding the nature of LHU's educational programs, financial charges, employability of graduates, and relationship with the U.S. Department of Education.
Office of the President - 570-484-2001 or

Online Information

Students, parents, and policymakers can obtain information on LHU's tuition, fees, and net prices by accessing the College Navigator website at From the College Navigator website, an individual can select in navigating to LHU's homepage. From LHU's homepage, an individual can navigate to the following: student activities offered by LHU, services offered by LHU for students with disabilities, career and placement services offered to students during and after enrollment, and LHU's policies related to transfer of credits from other institutions.
Haven Activities Council - 570-484-2756
Disability Services - 570-484-2665 or
Center for Career and Professional Development - 570-484-2181 or
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

Gainful Employment

LHU is required to disclose various information for its programs leading to gainful employment. At the present time, LHU does not offer any gainful employment programs. Thus, there is no historical data for LHU to report on gainful employment.
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or

Degree Programs

Students can go online and obtain a listing of all undergraduate and graduate degree programs currently offered at LHU.
Admissions Office - 570-484-2011 or 
Registrar's Office - 570-484-2006 or


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