Lock Haven University Brand and Identity Guidelines


The Lock Haven University Division of University Relations has prepared this guide as a means of establishing official policy and standards for the use of university trademarks and the text of Lock Haven University publications, stationery, the web, and other applications.

It is the responsibility of each person to see that usage and trademark protocols are followed for all communications. In the event that you require clarification or assistance, please contact Julie Stellfox from the University Relations Department at 570-484-2280, jms833@lockhaven.edu.




To thrive in the highly competitive higher education market it is imperative that we convey the Lock Haven University name clearly, consistently, and prominently across all communication platforms.

As a University community we must work together to ensure that communications from every college, department, and office arise from a clear and uniform voice, thus promoting the Lock Haven University brand with continuity to all prospective students and stakeholders.

The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed standardized usage guidelines for Lock Haven University brand assets. Following these guidelines will establish a uniform brand recognition and awareness which is crucial to our continued success as a public institution committed to providing our students a high-quality, affordable education.


University Relations

10 Susquehanna Avenue
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Julie Stellfox
Communications Specialist

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Lock Haven University Mission Statement

Lock Haven University offers an excellent and affordable education characterized by a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for all students, majors in the arts and sciences, and a special emphasis on professional programs. All programs are enhanced with real-world experiences and co-curricular activities that enable students to realize their full potential. In close personal interactions with faculty who are passionate about teaching, students are challenged to develop their minds and skills in order to be responsible citizens and to succeed in a global and technologically advanced society.

Mission and Vision

Lock Haven University Vision Statement

Lock Haven University will be nationally recognized for transforming students’ lives by providing:  

  • A welcoming and inclusive community of supportive faculty and staff that prioritizes the well-being and intellectual life of our students and also challenges them to ever-greater success.
  • An immersive, high-quality academic learning environment that combines traditional, interdisciplinary, and professional experiences in and out of the classroom.
  • A strong academic foundation that promotes the collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking necessary for navigating and succeeding in an ever-changing world.
  • An engaging community with a diversity of cultural perspectives that encourages students to be responsible global citizens.
  • A commitment to public service as a resource for personal, educational, cultural, and economic development for the region and state. 
University Logo

 University Logo

Primary Logo

The Lock Haven University logo is the single most important element of our brand identity. The distinctive mark creates a visual expression of the institution and enforces our stated identity.

The University logo is also the official identifying mark of the University and must be used on all university publications in order to establish a continuity of brand, image, and identity.

The primary logo is available for digital download in pantone crimson (shown right), or in a reverse (white) format for use on dark backgrounds.

For a downloadable version, click here.

Primary Logo - Positive Format

Secondary Logo

In cases where the logo will be displayed in a horizontally oriented format, such as a heading, the secondary header logo may be used. However, the primary University logo is considered the preferred logo for general usage.

For a downloadable version, click here.

Secondary Logo - Positive Format

The logo artwork should never be redrawn or redesigned for any application. To assure prominence and legibility, maintain a strong contrast between the logo and background.

 Embrace The Possibilities

Please note that as of 2017, Lock Haven University has ceased use of the tagline “Embrace the Possibilities.” Usage of the logo with the tagline is considered a brand violation.

University Logo: Correct Usage

University Logo: Correct Usage

Size and Spacing

The logo must be at least .5” in height.

half inch

There is a restricted area surrounding the logo. No text or images may appear within this space.

Logo Border


The logo needs to be legible when printed on or reversed out of photographs, designs, or screened backgrounds.

University Logo: Incorrect Usage

University Logo: Incorrect Usage

Following are several examples of inappropriate use of the University logo. The Lock Haven University logo is a standalone design element, meaning it must appear separate from all other elements in every application.

To ensure clear messaging and brand identity it is essential that no words or images crowd, overlap, or merge with the logo. In addition, the logo is a registered trademark and may never be cropped, stretched, or altered in any way.

Never Crop

Never Angle or Rotate
Never Stretch or Skew
Never Change Colors
Never Apply Graphic Effects
Never Alter the Design in Any Way
University Logo: Sub-Branding

University Logo: Sub-Branding

Lock Haven University has a number of specific sub-brands which are approved by University Relations. These sub-brands are designated where the name of the unit has a high value with the core target audience.

Offices and departments should not attempt to create their own sub-brand based on their unit name.

All sub-brands must be either created or approved by the office of University Relations.

Examples of approved sub-brand logotypes are shown below.

Department and Office Sub-Branding
Branch Campus Sub-Branding

Branding for named colleges will follow the format below. 


Admissions Logo

Admissions Logo

The Lock Haven University office of admissions utilizes logos separate from the official University logo. Such logos are used solely for marketing and recruitment purposes. Admissions logos, such as those displayed below, are meant only for the use of LHU admissions.


Athletic Logos/Mascot

Athletics Logo

Lock Haven University’s logo was designed for the athletics program and sports teams for use in publications, on uniforms and apparel, and the web. The logo may also be used by LHU student clubs and organizations. By following these guidelines, a consistent recognition and awareness of the logo will be created.

Logo Use

The logo to the right is only for use by LHU athletics and LHU student clubs and organizations. Any use of the logo for purposes outside of those listed is strictly prohibited. The logo may not be altered in any way and proper proportion must be maintained. All logos must be used with a margin no less than ¼” between the logo and nearest graphic element.

Two forms of the logo are shown on the right. One denotes Athletics as a whole, or a specific team, club, or group. The other is a generic Athletics/Student Organization logo. A positive and reverse format of the logo are available for use.

Athletics Use

Please contact Doug Spatafore to acquire either the generic Athletics logo, LHU Athletics logo, or a specific team logo in a positive or reverse format.

Approval: Samples of logo use, color palette, and uniforms must be approved in writing by the Director of Sports Information and Marketing prior to use.

Director of Sports Information and Marketing
Doug Spatafore
Phone: (570) 484-2350
Email: dspatafo@lockhaven.edu

Student Clubs and Organizations Use

Please contact Tyler Rumsey to acquire either the generic logo, or a specific club or organization logo in a positive or reverse format.    

Approval: Samples of logo use and color palette must be approved in writing by University Relations prior to use.

Director of Multimedia Communications
Tyler Rumsey
Phone: (570) 484-2323
Email: trumsey@lockhaven.edu 

Athletics Logo Words

University Mascot

LHU Mascot - Talon

Lock Haven University’s mascot is the Bald Eagle and must always be referred to as such. Our mascot is named Talon. Lock Haven University Athletics adopted the Bald Eagle as its mascot in October of 1937 after a vote by the student body. It is a fitting name and mascot given the proximity to the Bald Eagle Mountain, Bald Eagle Valley and Bald Eagle State Park, as well as the fact that the area is home to a number of wild and native Bald Eagles.

Any reference to LHU’s mascot by a name other than Talon is a brand violation.

University Seal

University Seal

Lock Haven University’s official seal is meant to function as a stamp of validation—not as a logo—and is reserved for certain official documents and publications including diplomas, honorary degrees, institutional certificates, and special awards.

The seal may only be used on the official documents mentioned above or on any correspondence from the Office of the President. In every circumstance, the office of University Relations must approve the use of this seal.

Because of the detail contained within the University seal, it should only be used in circumstances that ensure clear reproduction of the detail. It should not be printed smaller than 1”.

University seal color palette

The University seal should only be reproduced in one of the following identifying colors: PMS Black or PMS207. Metallic gold foil is also acceptable.


Seal Black

University Colors

University Colors

Lock Haven University’s official colors are crimson and white. Gray is often used as an accent color within the primary color palette. Due to the differences inherent in printing processes, paper stocks, and screen calibration, maintaining consistent color matches often proves difficult.

The ink-matching system known as Pantone® Matching System or PMS® provides color matching standards. In any printing situation, the PMS, RGB, or CMYK (4-color process) equivalents (shown below) should be used to specify ink colors.

Secondary colors should be reserved for accent elements only. Black and bleached cedar are the preferred colors for body text to maximize legibility.

Some special exceptions to these colors may be extended for promotional and specialty items. Please contact the office of University Relations for guidelines.




Consistent typography is the foundation for a successful identity system. When used consistently, the typeface becomes synonymous with the organization. Their consistent use and application will support the effectiveness of our visual identity standards. In the event Roboto Condensed or Droid Serif cannot be used, Arial or Times may be substituted as necessary.

The approved font families should be employed for all University communications - including email.

Instructions on downloading Roboto Condensed and Droid Serif can be found on our downloads page.


Stationery: Letterhead

Stationery: Letterhead

Lock Haven University’s stationery package includes letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. These elements serve as key touch points and enhance brand consistency.

Correspondence written on Lock Haven University stationery implies an official message from the writer and Lock Haven University. Because they are official documents, a standard format has been developed for letterhead.

Printing: All letterhead components may be ordered through the LHU Duplicating department. It is strongly recommended that all orders for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards be placed through LHU duplicating. For questions about large orders, please contact duplicating.

Letterhead can be ordered in standard (8.5 x 11).

To order stationery please contact the office at duplicate@lockhaven.edu, (570) 484-2224. You may also download the files electronically via our downloads page.

Electronic Letterhead: University and customizable department letterhead templates are available for download. Contact earnold@lockhaven.edu, (570) 484-2293 with questions.

Departmental Letterhead
University Letterhead
Stationery: Envelopes

Stationery: Envelopes

Printed envelopes may be ordered from the LHU Storeroom. They contain the primary University return address—401 North Fairview Street.  Envelopes are printed on white smooth stock and brown craft stock. As with all stationery components, envelopes are printed in either black or PMS 207 ink.

Customized envelopes may be ordered using cost code information. For more information please contact the LHU Storeroom storeroom@lockhaven.edu (570) 484-2368.

Envelopes can be ordered in any of the following sizes:

  • #9 Plain Envelopes (white)
  • # 9 Business Reply (white)
  • #10 Standard with or without window (white)
  • LHU Permit 92-postage paid (white)
  • 6 ½ X 9 ½ (brown craft)
  • 9 X 12 (brown craft)
  • 10 X 13 (brown craft)
  • 10 X 15 (brown craft)
Stationery: Business Cards

Stationery: Business Cards

Lock Haven University business cards have been designed for customized contact information by individuals employed by Lock Haven University. A standard horizontal format has been developed including the University logo and the layout should not be modified in any way.  You can download the template at our downloads page.

Business cards produced by LHU Duplicating are printed 10 per sheet on perforated cardstock. Enter your information to the business card template (available for download) and contact LHU Duplicating, duplicate@lockhaven.edu, (570) 484-2224, to order.

Business cards are printed 10 per sheet on perforated cardstock. Enter your information to the business card template (available for download) and contact LHU Duplicating, duplicate@lockhaven.edu, (570) 484-2224, to order.

Business Card Business Card
PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template

A PowerPoint template has been designed for use in University presentations. While the PowerPoint is customizable, the header content should not be altered in any way. It is acceptable to remove the header from slides, apart from the opening slide, which require more space for content. It is available for download.

PP Template

Employee Email Signature

Employee Email Signature

To create a consistent brand experience, Lock Haven University employees will adhere to a standardized email signature, as shown below. The signature is available to download at our downloads page. The signature offers the following benefits:

  1. Reduced number of copy lines and font size offers the potential to reduce paper waste.
  2. Gray font color reduces the amount of toner (on black and white printers) required to print the signature.
  3. Enhanced message readability—especially when reading through long chain emails.


Usage Guidelines

Font color for most of the signature will be gray (R: 95, G: 95, B: 95) with the exception of employee name and links which will be black (R: 0, G: 0, B: 0) and the University name which will appear as (R: 165, G: 0, B: 52). Emails should be written with official typography. 

A. First Line: Name will appear in Arial bold (12 pt. for Mac users, 10 pt. for PC users) with title in plain face.

B. Second Line: Optional department name in Arial italic (12 pt. for Mac users, 10 pt. for PC users)  

C. Third Line: Lock Haven University will be Arial BOLD

D. Fourth Line: Optional Campus Address –OR- 

E. Fifth Line: 401 North Fairview Street, Lock Haven, PA 17745
  (Note that lines D-G will appear in Arial (12 pt. for Mac users, 10 pt. for PC users)

F. Sixth Line: Employee’s office phone, email (with new domain @lockhaven.edu),and university web link, www.lockhaven.edu

Standards and Guidelines

  • Background colors on emails are prohibited
  • No other colors/graphics/logos may be used in the signature. This helps reduce the demand on our email system.
  • Non-University related content (quotes/jokes/philosophy/external promotions, etc.…) are prohibited in the signature.

Download Instructions

  1. Visit the Style Guide downloads page
  2. Click Email Signature Template
  3. Copy and paste template into your email signature
  4. Customize the template according to the instructions above
University Tagline

University Tagline

The Haven Advantage

Lock Haven University’s tagline—The Haven Advantage—serves as the embodiment of the combined opportunities, experiences, and benefits students enjoy during their time at LHU, and as alumni. The launch of the new tagline replaces all use of “Embrace the Possibilities.”

In today’s increasingly competitive higher education marketplace it is imperative that we convey The Haven Advantage in a compelling and consistent manner that will define LHU in the minds of prospective students.

The phrase itself is a tagline, but the meaning behind it conveys the many nuanced advantages students realize during their time at the University. The overarching purpose is to spread the message/meaning across LHU’s entire marketing platform by incorporating it into all communications from print to web to social media to video and advertising.

To submit your Haven Advantages, please email success@lockhaven.edu

State System of Higher Education

State System of Higher Education

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education also has style guidelines for communication, which are available at passhe.edu. Please consult those guidelines before communicating with your audience.

Publication Guidelines

Lock Haven University publications include all forms of printed material produced by the University for students, prospective students, faculty, alumni, parents, friends, the media, and the general public.

All publications and websites must include the following items:

  • The Lock Haven University logo
  • The University website: lockhaven.edu
  • This line: “Lock Haven University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution.”


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