Purchases from Foreign Vendors

  1. Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania is prevented from contracting with certain entities that have been designated by the federal government under various embargoes and trade restrictions, so the vendor is subject to the same screening procedure as any vendor. Check the “Consolidated list” at Export.gov.
  2. Most overseas vendors will probably not be able to supply an ECCN or USML list number. Located in a foreign country, these vendors are not subject to U.S. Export Control Laws and may be very unfamiliar with them. However, if Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania purchases an item from an overseas vendor, once it arrives on campus it is subject to export control laws and, if it is a “high-risk” item, i.e. scientific equipment that could be accessed by unauthorized foreign nationals, we should make every effort to determine if it is export controlled and label and track accordingly.

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Procurement Department

 Becky Proctor, Director
J211 East Campus
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